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About Our Company

Trend is a specialist sales, marketing and digital recruitment company. We are niche and proud of it.

Our team is qualified, connected, and experienced. We are advice-providers, opportunity-seekers and dot-connectors between clients and candidates. 

We are pioneers of the future’s best talent in marketing, sales, and digital as the world and how we interact continues to transform. And we understand that we are actually filling more than one position with every seat – one that is right for your business now, and more roles in the future.

We believe that established markets should push the envelope with marketing so that the phenomenal becomes the norm. Competition is good. It makes us thrive.

Simply put, we are the best when it comes to servicing our clients and candidates. We pride ourselves on being good listeners. We invest time in really getting a handle on our customer’s needs.

We want to raise the bar in the search for great talent. We want emerging markets to grow and be hubs of creativity and genius on par with more established markets.

We build careers for our candidates; we don’t just find them jobs. We understand talent is key to the success of any company. 

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